We know you’re curious.

Gaither’s Woodshop is a custom design and build extension of The Gaither Company.

The Gaither Company’s commitment to every customer is to ensure that each project begins and ends with three elements:

  • Quality
    • Uncompromising quality is the foundation of The Woodshop, and you can always be confident that we work only with the highest grade of materials. The standard of workmanship we set depends upon it. Our pieces are never mass-produced, which means that no two items are exactly alike. Our craft demands that every piece be unique, and we give our full devotion and attention to each and every detail.
  • Service
    • Our customers are our partners, and we walk hand-in-hand with each one throughout the duration of the process. We’re available anytime for questions, concerns or input. And, as with any successful relationship, communication is key. Only when you are as satisfied with the service that we’ve given you as you are with the final product do we believe the project has been a true success.
  • Integrity
    • We have found that the best technique is honesty. From the start, we are truthful about what our capabilities are in regard to each request, and we will commit to only what we can deliver successfully. Skill is knowing how to do something—integrity is knowing that you did it honorably.

It is OUR MISSION to satisfy you. When we sign our name to a project, we want it to be something you will be incredibly proud of. Our professionalism, dedication and determination stand behind all that we do.